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Taboonette® is seeking franchisees that are committed to providing nothing but the most positive customer experience. Our ideal franchisee is focused on executing the Taboonette® brand culture by living up to the Taboonette® mission with flawless operations, outstanding guest service, community outreach and the desire to open profitable Taboonette® restaurants. Franchisees must demonstrate a track record of success and have the necessary financial qualifications. Candidates must possess integrity; passion and an unending desire to succeed.

Our team leans toward candidates with strong interpersonal skills. After all, a franchisee needs to connect with his or her employees and customers to keep the business running smoothly.

We also favor franchisees who are open to new ways of running a food business. You have extensive experience in the restaurant industry but Taboonette® may have day-to-day routines that are different from what you’re accustomed to.

So, our franchisees should be willing to undergo training. Take marketing as an example. Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food franchise opportunities have a unique place in the market, so we need to nurture that. Although we have already built a great reputation, we aim to introduce our brand to consumers continuously.

A desire to learn about franchising law is great! We’re not looking for people who can recite the statutes verbatim, but we want franchisees who are invested enough to want to know his or her legal duties.


Single and Multi-Units available.

  • Single Unit Franchise:
    $200K liquid capital w/ ability to fund an additional $500K
    $1M net worth
  • Multi Unit Franchise (Min 3 units):
    $500K liquid capital
    $1.5M total net worth

Liquidity Note: Franchisees must have clear access to at least $500K for the minimum 3-unit franchise, which includes: $500k or more that is immediately liquid and ready to invest, at least $800k+ in access to debt (line of credit or letter from lender that they are pre-qualified).


Franchisees are required to have two experienced, certified managers on staff. Additionally you will need 20 team members to ensure the Taboonette® brand experience is successfully achieved for all new restaurant openings.

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“We make the food that people want and crave…It’s healthy, yes, but it also tastes amazing! Just look at the crowd!”

— Danny Hodak, CEO Taboonette
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