Are You a Good Fit to Open a Mediterranean Franchise? Three Top Qualities We Seek.

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With today’s market dynamics, it’s easy to understand why someone would want to open or invest in a Mediterranean franchise, especially an appealing and convenient food concept like Taboonette, where our delicious Middleterranean® food is fused perfectly with best-in-class service and operations. Our restaurants are special, and it takes a special person to own and run them. Here are three key qualities we look for in our franchise owners:

1. Ambition and Work Ethic

The Taboonette franchise team consists of genuinely good people who are committed to growing the Taboonette brand and building positive experiences – for customers and themselves.

A strong work ethic often equates hard work with morality and strength of character. This is the foundation of our business. We believe in high-quality effort which translates into a high-quality product and service. A good fit for our team is someone who is dependable, who can be relied upon by their team, their leaders, and their fellow franchisees. A sure, confident leader will hold themselves accountable to do the right thing and make sound decisions.

At Taboonette, we are continuously looking for dedicated, passionate individuals who set goals for themselves and others and then strive to reach them. Honesty, integrity, and an unending desire to succeed all serve as the foundation of our franchise family.

2. Interpersonal Skills

The restaurant business is about people and service, those you serve as customers and those you serve as employees and colleagues. Our franchisees must have the ability to make personal and business connections and feel comfortable leading and developing a team. Do you possess a positive attitude? Do you smile and treat others with respect, or show appreciation for a job well done?

Even while the exclusive Taboonette business model and franchise system guide daily operations, it is imperative that our franchisees are adept at problem solving and can make leadership decisions when needed. They must communicate well with others in a way that promotes a professional and positive work environment for employees, while providing an enjoyable dining experience for their customers.

Active listening, being considerate of others, and creating a team atmosphere are all highly sought skills for our franchise owners.

3. Drive for Personal and Career Development

Taboonette franchisees are willing to undergo training and be open to new ideas. Our restaurants operate according to systems specifically designed for our concept, creating opportunity for our business owners while providing a tasty, healthier and enjoyable experience for our customers.

In addition to learning the Mediterranean franchise business, it is recommended that our franchisees be educated about franchising in general. The franchising industry is distinct in its legal structure, and the relationship between franchisor and franchisee is a unique one that requires dedication and dialogue on both sides.

At Taboonette, we are proud to offer an exciting opportunity to driven individuals who possess a positive and professional attitude, are astute in interpersonal communications and operate with a strong work ethic. Our franchise family is as important to our organization as are our customers, and together we look forward to growing both our franchisee and our customer bases — and bringing the appeal of the Taboonette brand, its delicious food and unparalleled Mediterranean franchise dining experience across the country.

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