What to Look for in a Great Franchise Location

Taboonette location

If you’ve been thinking of opening a Taboonette franchise, you might be wondering how to identify the best possible location in your area. The good news is that the massive popularity of our concept makes Taboonette a great fit for communities everywhere. Restaurants like Taboonette are predicted to grow by 7.5% in 2018, outpacing casual and fine dining locations. Middle Eastern food is becoming more and more popular thanks to a consumer demand for fresh and flavorful food. As a fast-casual “Middleterranian™” restaurant, we’re confident that Taboonette restaurants are well-prepared to capitalize on these trends across the United States. Let’s take a closer look at the types of locations that would be particularly well-suited for a Taboonette restaurant.

Health-Conscious Communities

Americans are conscious of the fact that what they eat impacts their health, and now more than ever they are willing to pay more for healthy meals. Taboonette restaurants offer consumers a way to conveniently access healthy, fresh food made with only the best ingredients. Because our food is prepared from scratch using high-quality meats, grains, and vegetables, our customers are willing to pay a little bit more for our meals. If you live in an area where people value eating right and exercising, you might just be in a great location to open a Taboonette!

Easily-Accessible Location

Taboonette got started on the streets of New York City, where passers-by could easily stop into our restaurant for a quick bite to eat. The hallmark of a great fast-casual restaurant is convenience – diners want to be able to enjoy a great meal quickly and without going out of their way. Therefore, it’s important that franchisees scope out easily-accessible locations for their restaurants. A great way to assess a location’s accessibility is to observe how much foot traffic it seems to get – more foot traffic is a great sign that your restaurant will have many potential customers. Whether it’s a shopping center, near popular transit hubs, or in a central part of town, it’s important that plenty of potential customers are able to stop into your restaurant when they want to.

Our Experts at Taboonette Can Assess a Territory’s Potential for Growth

Taboonette has dedicated valuable time and research to identifying areas where we believe our restaurants have the most potential for growth. We’ve identified a number of prime metro markets throughout the Northeast United States and South Florida – check out our website for a longer list! But keep in mind, these are just a few areas that we’ve been researching. Our concept would work well in many areas that aren’t represented on our website yet! Contact us today to learn more about the potential for opening a Taboonette restaurant in your area.

An Affordable Lease

As entrepreneurs everywhere know, an affordable lease with agreeable terms is key to running a business. No matter what area you’re thinking of opening your new restaurant in, it’s important to seek out a lease agreement that meets your needs. Taboonette knows what it takes to get a new restaurant up and running, and our experts will help by providing guidance during this time. We’ll work with you to find just the right space that meets all of the criteria for one of our restaurants.  With our expertise, you’ll find a great lease in just the right location to start your new Taboonette franchise.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing a location for a Taboonette franchise location. Contact us today to learn more about how we support our franchisees as they get their restaurants up and running!

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